The second part of our last day included a photo stop along a frozen river. The flow underneath combined with the sunlight caused the layer of ice to crack, slide, get forced upward, and then refreeze which created this strange texture. 

As we pulled up, George noted a hideous sound coming from one of the Jeep’s wheels. To make a long story short, turns out a tiny pebble had gotten up into the driver’s side wheel hub and was bouncing around until it would get stuck and then drag between the dust shield and the interior side of the brake disc. Freak little accident, but I’m sure all our cars have rocks in their shoes somewhere, just waiting to cause problems.

After that, we caught back up with the route and followed a long dirt path that surrounded part of the lake and some rural neighborhoods on the edge of town. Eventually, we crossed over Keystone Dam, which we were calling the finish line, and then the three dirtiest cars ever to grace the Sand Springs Expressway sped into town, around the IDL, and into the boys’ house.