The Oklahoma Adventure New Year’s Trail

Happy New Year from the road. The last trip seems so long ago back in May. But it isn’t time for our next full length trip yet, so we’ve settled on a mini-adventure. We’ll do the Western half of the Oklahoma Adventure Trail between Christmas and New Year’s. I was so busy with work and stage managing a show that I didn’t participate much in the planning stages, but George made it sound like it’ll be a lightly overland adventure with a few tricky bits around a state we all know well, but through areas we haven’t visited before. And we’ll be doing it in cars we already own which is a bit unusual.

(Remember: George was the one who’s planning designated the snow covered disaster in Tahoe as “Paved Road, Other” so this could be much worse than I’m expecting.)

I’ve already left. I’m writing this from my extended family’s ranch in Valley Mills. I stopped here to stay the night and visit some folks who I didn’t get to see on Christmas Day. While I’ve been here the stomach bug plague had resurfaced and taken down my aunt Linda and the entire Moshiem area has lost water service.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up and drive from here via Dallas to meet the boys at the start line at Turner Falls, near Davis, Oklahoma. Though if we still have no water by morning, it’s possible I’ll be dragged along to my nephew’s first haircut in Waco on the way in order to get a cup of coffee.

If you haven’t seen it, check out the link below to Evan’s article on OppositeLock about this trip and the route and how I’m probably going to end up being a fool for not having four wheel drive.

The Xterra slept out in the cold last night between a Grand Cherokee (won’t George be jealous) and three pickups, all with 4WD. Maybe he learned some things…

The Land Rover is throwing a code. It’s just a “pre-code” though so it’s only a warning.

Evan. Two minutes after he arrived at murder-in-the-woods cabin.