Aliens and Missile Testing

Well it’s been about 6 months since OAT East ended, so we’ve started thinking about ideas for a long-weekend adventure and George made a discovery! The Trinity Site, the missile range where the world’s first nuclear device was detonated, is open to tourists who want to learn about the event and see ground zero only twice a year, and one of those days is this Saturday.

Mushroom cloud from nuclear explosion
National Parks Service. Photo of 1945 explosion of “the Gadget” at Trinity Site. (source)

And in keeping with our zany roadtrip adventures, we’ll stop through Roswell on the way. Because obviously.

International UFO Museum of Roswell. (source)

Without making any firm plans, we’ve also got our eye on:

Our first pass at a planning map.

First Night on the Road

We meet tomorrow night outside Lubbock, but can’t leave until we each finish our workday. So I’ve made a quick run out to a family place near Marble Falls so that I can get out of town faster tomorrow.

On the way, a milestone:

As I recall, 40,000 was just two days after I bought it, while on the way to Tulsa to start OAT East. Between that, Colorado in August (which I have yet to write about), this trip, and everything between, it’s been a great 10,000 miles.

That said… I think Blue is in a foul mood. The ’05 was usually okay until he threw tantrums that cost a lot of money — the great saga of the camshaft position sensors comes to mind. Blue, on the other hand, has presented me this week with pebbles in my shoes: three blown interior dome lights and the driver’s side windshield sprayer clogged up on the way here. Come on, man.

Shopping Outing

A little shopping as a group before leaving Brownfield. And the answer to last night’s puzzler was “no, the washer fluid wasn’t empty.” So I’m stocking up on Windex and shop towels…

You never drive toward an AirBnB and see a house up high on a hill and think “I hope that’s it” and it turns out to be so.

George. Who booked us the house on the mountain top.