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Well, it was a wild weekend between helping to build a float, go climbing, attend a little family get together, and buy a car. But I pulled it off, which means now all three of us have wheels. They are —

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Clue (1985).

A surprise. We’ll see if George and Evan don’t find a way to screw that up because they live together, but I think we’re all kinda enjoying the uncertainty of really not knowing what each other has. Last we spoke about it, Evan was looking for a giant barge of a sedan (like a Cadillac), George seemed fond of a light-to-medium pickup (so jealous), and I really didn’t know what I wanted. I’ve looked at everything. (Or, more to the point, I’ve tried to look everything, but no one in Austin returns inquiries; more on that after the reveal.)

We kept a record of all the Craigslist ads we saw, though I think we may have some non-CL players this time. An assortment:

And in response to Evan’s call for help on my behalf, someone suggested this:

Evan’s 1986 Honda Civic Wagon 4WD from Easter, which he is now selling.

I quite like the Civic, and I think he should take it on this trip, if it is to be set free in the near future. But I can’t escape the notion that if I bought it, I’d be constantly accused of mistreating it. And while the idea of traveling alongside the mechanic who rebuilt it seems like a great lifeline, I bet the assistance would blow my beer budget. Also it’s overbudget. 😜

So I bought something else. And it is a secret. And with the Xterra currently caught up in “car shuffling purgatory” (it’s at my parents’ house), the Mystery Machine has had to cart me a couple places already and it is fun.